Benefits of sponsorship

If you want to get sponsors, then you must be able to effectively sell the benefits of sponsorships to companies. The problem with other companies is that, some organizations approach potential sponsors simply because they want funding for an event or a charity. They fail to consider what they can give to these companies. And if you think you don’t have anything to give, think again. Sponsorship is actually a form of a win-win relationship. It is mutually advantageous to both the beneficiary and the benefactor. Of course, you cannot sell the benefits of sponsorship without knowing what they are. So what follows are just some of the things you can provide your sponsors.

Sponsorship is an effective way to reach potential customers. Of course, you are all familiar with traditional advertising that includes the use of print and television ads. But traditional advertising can be very expensive and print and TV ads become stale quickly. Moreover, many people nowadays are wary of the messages in traditional advertising. Sponsorship provides an alternative way for companies to reach their target market. And it proves to be a very effective way. Events can be very targeted. So this means, no promotional effort will be put to waste. And in events, you can easily get the full attention of the people.

Sponsorship can improve a company’s image. Company that sponsor charity events are often seen by people as responsible and caring. Sponsorship can therefore improve the image of a company. There is also such a thing as an emotional connection between a brand and its market. Believe it or not, most of the time we use our feelings in choosing what products to buy. Ultimately, we use products that make us feel good. Sponsorships can enhance this emotional connection. If your brand name is seen alongside the title of an event for a good cause, then you can just imagine the emotional impact that it would have on a business.

Offer naming rights. One of the specific benefits that you can offer to potential is naming rights either for the whole event or just parts of it. Of you are asking for a sponsorship for a sports team, then you can provide the company with naming rights to the team. If you are looking for sponsorship for a facility then you can offer naming rights for that facility. Of course, if you have  more than one sponsor then the naming rights should be given to your biggest sponsor. Naming rights is a wonderful privilege and, for sure, any company would be happy to have that privilege.

One word of warning though, do not offer any benefit that you cannot provide or that you are not sure of. Only promise something that you know you can deliver. Ultimately, you should aim to develop a long-term relationship with sponsors. How can you invite them again in the future if you will burn them with empty promises?

These are just some of benefits of sponsorship. For sure, you can think of more that can help you in your pitch.

What are corporate sponsor package?

A corporate sponsor package is information that an organization that is looking for sponsor for their organization, event, or activity puts together and sends out to different corporations to solicit sponsorship.  Whether you are a small organization or a large one, you need to put together a corporate sponsor package so that potential sponsors can see what you have to offer and decide if sponsoring you will be in their best interest.

So what should be in the sponsor package?

It should first introduce your organization.  Who you are and what you do.  Then tell them why they should become a sponsor.  What makes your unique from everyone else.  And then the benefits that they can deride from sponsoring you.  And finally your contact information.

Those are the bear minimum things that you need to potential sponsors.  Keep it simple but also provide supporting information for them.  Most large organizations that solicit sponsors year round will use corporate sponsor packages but small organizations will simply send out what is called a sponsor letter which will say the same things.  So I hope that explains to you what is corporate sponsor package is.


You have arrived at Corporate Sponsor Package.  Are you looking to tackle your first fundraising efforts and are at a lost at what to do and how to contact corporate sponsors to solicit donations and funds to accomplish your fundraising goals.  If so, you have arrived at the right place.  We will provide you with the necessary information to accomplish your goals.